Come join Jacqui McCarthy and Homestead, sponsored by the Central New York Bluegrass Association at the Weedsport Baptist church Cornerstone coffeehouse (The Ryman Auditorium of CNY), Liberty Street, Weedsport, NY on Sunday, April 27 from 2-6PM. Just two blocks from the center of town. Donation of $6 is requested - children 16 and under free with adult. Refreshments available - smoke free. Entertaining will be Jacqui McCarthy, multi-instrumentalist and lead and harmony singer, Karl Paisley on guitar and singing lead and harmony, Ernie Terpening on hot banjo and singing vocals and Jim Treat on booming bass and singing vocals. "Stage Pickers" are enthusiastically invited to join in between sets - so, bring your instruments and plan on making this a day filled with good music and good fellowship. Info: Jacqui McCarthy at 315-689-3545 or Come have a great time!!



NOTICE: Our constitution states: "A written notice of the Annual meeting to be held the 2nd Sunday of April must be sent to each member prior to said meeting; and at said meeting the officers and board members will be elected for the ensuing year."

ANNUAL MEETING NOTICE: The annual meeting of the Central New York Bluegrass Association Inc., will be held April 13, 2003 at 2PM at the Cato Masonic Lodge, West Main Street, Cato, NY. At this meeting the officers and two board members will be elected. Nominations from the floor will be accepted, but anyone nominated must have given their consent to have their name placed in nomination. Members wishing to vote by mail can do so if their ballots are received by the secretary one week prior (by April 6, 2003) to the April 13th meeting. Only ACTIVE and current dues-paying members are eligible to vote; which includes senior citizens and handicapped members, but NOT associate members. The officers assume their duties at the September 2003 meeting.

The following slate of officers has been submitted by the nominating committee, consisting of Carl Stump (chairman), Dick DeNeve and Helen Weldon.

PRESIDENT: Robert Hayden



SECRETARY: William Light

Board members:

Karl Paisley - three years

Sam Murphy - three years

Jacqui McCarthy - one year

Neil Shortslef - two years

Robert Simmons - two years

Jerry Miller - one year

For further information regarding the elections, please call Carl Stump at 315-896-3980 or


A Festival meeting will be held at the Sr. Citizen Rec Room, Cato, NY at 7:00PM on April 29. All are welcome to attend - come and share your input with us about ideas to make our festival a success.



Ramblin' with Helen By Helen Weldon

It is almost unbelievable to see how the snow had disappeared when I arrived home on 3/21 from a week's trip to Kansas. Since our last visit during a phone conversation with my twin sister, she expressed the wish that we could visit one more time in person; so, along with my youngest daughter Betty Jane, we left by train on 3/14 to fulfill that wish. I got to the hospital around noon on the 16th and sad to say, Ruth couldn't tell me she knew I was there, but when I spoke to her, she opened her eyes, so I know she knew. It is as though she was just waiting as she passed away that evening at 6:45: I am so thankful now that I did go and the memory of the beautiful memorial service held will be with me forever. It will take time for me to accept the reality that I can't pick up the phone and talk to her, or look forward to the long, newsy letters we exchanged so often but know that she is in a far better place, free from pain and suffering.

I had a phone call from a long-time member, Jackie Kelley, asking me to let you know that she has the beautiful quilt she won at our festival last year on display at the Towpath Quilt Guild Show, April 11 & 12 at the United Church of Fayetteville. This is the church with the clock in the steeple and hope if any of you are in the vicinity either of those days you will stop in and see it. The quilt was made and donated for a raffle by our president's wife, Sue Hayden, and truly a beauty. Thanks Jackie for sharing this information and I am always so glad to get news. Keep them coming.

Received a note from Bill Szabo along with his renewal saying he enjoyed the All-Star Jamboree, but the weather going home was bad with many white-outs on I-81. Thanks Bill for your generous donation of a roll of stamps.

Others who included stamps and/or monetary donations with their renewals were: Dale Barnell, Joe Zeeker, Donna Burleton and Tim Salisbury. Maryan VanDusen also gave me postage at our March meeting. To each of you - Thank You - and please know that each is appreciated. Along with Tim's renewal where it asks for your email address, he said None, but if he had one it would be "Just Plane Man" - cute Tim!

Peg Miller sent me a box of cards and blank note cards, and Peg they have already been put to use as had 10 renewals awaiting me when I got back from Kansas.

Donna Burleton would like a copy of the March 2002 issue of Bluegrass Unlimited (Deering banjo the featured instrument) and wonders if anyone in the association mighty be willing to sell one to her for a reasonable price. She would also reimburse anyone for postage to send it to her at: 1041 State Rt. 31, Port Byron, NY 13140. If anyone can make her wish become a reality or help her find one, she can be reached at 315-776-8583.

John Peterson sent a note with his renewal regarding missing me at the All-Star; the weather was atrocious but he knew that I was enjoying all the snow - WRONG, John, but thanks for your note.

We had a Mom and Dad give a gift membership to their son for an Easter gift - what a nice idea and thanks for doing so.

We have a celebrity as a member of CNYBA - Senator Mike Nozzolio. I hope Thayle will enlighten you as to why he joined. It has to do with the very informative and interesting article that appeared in the Cayuga Edition of the Post Standard, regarding our newsletter Editor. Since many didn't see it, I plan to use it in future Ramblins, spread over several issues. Watch for it.

I had an email from Peter Hoysic's son Ted, saying - "Dad had been back in the hospital to visit the nurses and while there they put in another stent, cleaned out the other ones and further heart tests turned out OK. He is home working on his fiddle and Peter we all pray you will be out and about real soon. On a sad note, had an email telling me that one of Peter's daughter's (the one who sang at the Christmas Party) has been diagnosed with colon cancer. Our thoughts and prayers are with the whole family.

The following is a note I received, along with a check for $100 as a donation to CNYBA: Dear Helen and CNYBA friends: Nada and I were surprised and happy to see our names in your Ramblin. We have enjoyed a great January with temps. in the mid 70 degree mark. Our thoughts are with you all and hope the winter warms up for all of you. As you mention with GOD'S blessing we will be with all our bluegrass friends this summer. Helen, we want to thank you for your Rambling News as it is our only ties with this wonderful group of people. Your last one told us of Thayle's new way of getting around and we are glad for her. We thank all of you, to whom we are grateful for your great work for CNYBA. Please use this donation where you feel is best. GOD BLESS ALL. Norm and Nada Hasman. I emailed our president about this generous donation and am sure the board will discuss where and what it might be used for and promised to Hasman's when I sent a thank-you and receipt that I would let them know our decision.

News was just received that Donna Walter is in a Mobile, Alabama hospital having extensive testing done on her heart. I will keep you informed as soon as I know what is happening. A card or note to her should help brighten her day. Donna Walter, 327 Buena Vista Dr., Lillian, AL, 36549.

As I promised in last monthís visit here is the beginning of the list of country music performers in the form of Loren Teachout's alternative wording for each name. Have fun guessing then: will list the answers next month and hope some of you will send some comments that I can pass on to Loren for his effort. Thanks in advance for doing this. 1. RAISE THE PRICE; 2. UNFAIR AND OLD; 3. DON A WELLSFARGO; 4. EAT WHITE EGG YOKE YUM YUM; 5. CARL THE BUTLER AND PEARL THE MAID; 6. LOTS OF OYSTER CENTERS AND A ROD OF BRASS IN THE FIELD; 7. LATER FLATT AND EARLY SCRUGGS AND THE CLEAR VALLEY GIRLS; 8. ROY A COUGH AND SNEEZE; 9. RETREAD MARK TRUCK TIRE; 10. SINCERE BUCKET.

Until next time: betcha didn't know that more than 50% of the people of the world have never made or received a telephone call.




Senator Mike Nozzolio - Seneca Falls, NY

David F Powderly - Penfield, NY

Peter Zimmerman - Fayetteville, NY

We are happy to have you as members of CNYBA.


A VERY BLESSED AND HAPPY EASTER TO ALL OF YOU from the Officers and Board of Dorectors of Central New York Bluegrass Association, Inc.


Each month I am going to write a bio about the bands who will be playing at our 5th Annual Apple Valley Bluegrass Festival so that you can become familiar with the musicians. I hope this is a feature that you will enjoy. Thayle


Start putting your unwanted treasures aside to bring to the Apple Valley Bluegrass Festival Flea Market - July 31, August 1 & 2, 2003. Questions? Call Sue Hayden at 315-673-1313


The Officers and Board of Directors offer their heartfelt sympathy to Helen Weldon, our Membership/Sunshine Lady, who recently lost her twin sister to a lengthy illness. Helen is always so thoughtful to all of our membership in times to be remembered. Let us remember her at this time at: 2446 Hillview Dr. #17, Cato, NY 13033 or God Bless you, Helen.



APRIL 27, 2003: Jamboree - Cornerstone Coffeehouse -Weedsport Baptist church, Weedsport, NY - Jacqui McCarthy & Homestead host band with Karl Paisley, Ernie Terpening & Jim Treat -2-6PM. Food and beverages available and room for jamming. $6, children free. Info:

MAY 23-26, 2003: Flying Fingers Jam at Apple Festival grounds, LaFayette, NY

JUNE 1, 2003: Membership Picnic - Please note the date - Mercer Park, Noon until 6PM - meat furnished by CNYBA - bring a dish to pass. Complete information to follow in the May newsletter.

JULY 30 - AUG 3, 2003: Apple Valley Bluegrass Festival - paid bands on Thursday, Friday & Saturday, and Wednesday and Sunday open-mike in the barn for jamming and our Gospel hour on Sunday.. Should be a good time for all with many days activities. Be sure and mark your calendar!



May 17 - 8:00pm, Smokey Greene

September 27 - 8:00pm, The Bristol Brothers

October 25 - 8:00pm, Shenandoah Blue

November 22 - 8:00pm, Bob Paisley and Southern Grass

General admission is $10 and Sr. citizens and students $8. Baked goods, popcorn, soda, coffee and tea available. Call Evelyn at 967-7228 if you want a table saved at the front of the auditorium.. Opry passes available in Jan- $50 for 8 concerts.


The Folkus Project

Joe Cleveland, Music Director



Sat., April 26, SONG SWAP, 7:00, $5 Happy Endings

Sat., May 10, WHIRLIGIG, 8:00, Westcott Community Center

Sun., May 11, SONG SWAP, 7:00, $5 Happy Endings

Fri., May 16; Tanglefoot, 8:00, $15


BLUEGRASS ON THE GREEN: June 7th, Noon until 6:00pm, Village Green, Homer, NY. Admission free. Food concessions available. Band lineup: Bob Paisley & So. Grass, Delaney Bros. Bluegrass, Lost Time, Atkinson Family and Diamondback Rattlers.


The Conservation Club of Brockport & The Fox Den presents an Old Time Country Bluegrass Jam, April 27, May 25, June 22 and July 27 at 2:00pm at 291 Ladue Road, Brockport, NY. Donation $2. Legal beverages and food available. Info: Marilyn Lafferty 637-2982.


2nd Annual WATERTOWN GOES BLUE-BLUEGRASS THAT IS - October 4th & 5th at the Ramada Inn, Watertown, NY. Featuring The Bristol Brothers, Stump Hollow and 3's Company. Info: 315-658-2679. Room reservations 1-800-228-2828.


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