March 23, 2003

Masonís Lodge, Cato, NY - 1:00 until 5 PM

Come and bring your instruments, friends and family and plan on having a day filled with bluegrass and old-time music.

Food and beverages available. A $2 donation is requested. See you there!!



NOTICE: Our constitution states: "A written notice of the Annual meeting to be held the 2nd Sunday of April must be sent to each member prior to said meeting; and at said meeting the officers and board members will be elected for the ensuing year."

ANNUAL MEETING NOTICE: The annual meeting of the Central New York Bluegrass Association Inc., will be held April 13, 2003 at 2PM at the Cato Masonic Lodge, West Main Street, Cato, NY. At this meeting the officers and two board members will be elected. Nominations from the floor will be accepted, but anyone nominated must have given their consent to have their name placed in nomination. Members wishing to vote by mail can do so if their ballots are received by the secretary one week prior (by April 6, 2003) to the April 13th meeting. Only ACTIVE and current dues-paying members are eligible to vote; which includes senior citizens and handicapped members, but NOT associate members. The officers assume their duties at the September 2003 meeting.

The following slate of officers has been submitted by the nominating committee, consisting of Carl Stump (chairman), Dick DeNeve and Helen Weldon.

PRESIDENT: Robert Hayden



SECRETARY: William Light

Board members:

Karl Paisley - three years

Sam Murphy - three years

Jacqui McCarthy - one year

Neil Shortslef - two years

Robert Simmons - two years

Jerry Miller - one year

For further information regarding the elections, please call Carl Stump at 315-896-3980 or


5th ANNUAL Apple Valley Bluegrass Festival - July 31, August 1 & 2 2003

To be held at the LaFayette Apple Festival grounds, 10 miles south of Syracuse off I-81 and 2 miles west on Rt 20.

There will be an "open mic" for pick-up groups in the barn on Wednesday night for all who are interested in playing and singing, and also on Sunday for gospel time.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday we will have a great line-up of paid bands who will be entertaining on the stage:

Three's Company (Thurs & Sat), Bill & Maggie (Thurs), Lost Time (Thurs), Andy Pawlenko and the Smokey Hollow Boys (Fri & Sat), The Central Chapter of the New York State Fiddlers (Fri & with a square dance afterwards in the barn), Northern Sons (Fri & Sat), James Reams and the Barnstormers (Fri & Sat), Billy Lee Cox and Mason Dixon Grass (Fri & Sat) and Black Diamond (Friday).

This is something new we want to try to see if it is acceptable with our festival guests. This way everyone gets a chance to play and some to be discovered.

The price of tickets for our festival are $25 advance, $30 at Gate for American and par for Canadians.

Our flyers should be out soon with the complete information for you to read.

At our festival we will hold a raffle for a Martin Guitar on Saturday, August 2 which was donated by Custom Pearl Inlay of Malone, NY

Please gather up all your unwanted "treasures" and put them aside to bring to our festival for the flea market. Questions? Sue Hayden at 315-673-1313.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS and plan on attending the 5th Annual Apple Valley Bluegrass Festival!!



MARCH 23, 2003: Jamming at Cato - 1pm - 5pm, $2.00 donation - food available

APRIL 27, 2003: Jamboree - Cornerstone Coffeehouse-Weedsport Baptist church, Weedsport, NY - Jacqui McCarthy & Homestead host band with Karl Paisley, Ernie Terpening & Jim Treat - 2-6 PM. Food and beverages available and room for jamming. $6, children free. Info:

MAY 23-26, 2003: Flying Fingers Jam at Apple Festival grounds, LaFayette, NY

JUNE 1, 2003: Membership Picnic - Mercer Park, Baldwinsville - Noon until 6 PM
Meat furnished by CNYBA - bring a dish to pass. Complete information to follow in the May newsletter..

JULY 30 - AUG 3, 2003: Apple Valley Bluegrass Festival - Thursday, Friday & Saturday, paid bands and Wednesday and Sunday open-mike in the barn for jamming and our Gospel hour on Sunday.. Should be a good time for all with many days activities. Be sure and mark your calendar!



JUNE 7, 2003: Bluegrass on the Green, Village Green, Homer, NY



March 22 - 8 pm, Travis Wetzel Trio

April 26 - 8 pm, Dyer Switch

May 17 - 8 pm, Smokey Greene

September 27 - 8 pm, The Bristol Brothers

October 25 - 8 pm, Shenandoah Blue

November 22 - 8 pm, Bob Paisley and Southern Grass

General admission is $10 and Sr. citizens and students $8. Baked goods, popcorn, soda, coffee and tea available. Call Evelyn at 967-7228 if you want a table saved at the front of the auditorium.. Opry passes available in Jan- $50 for 8 concerts.


BLUEGRASS MUSIC WINTER GET-AWAY; March 29 & 30, Bonnie Castle Manor, Holland St., Alexandria Bay, NY, presented by the Thousand Island Bluegrass Preservation Society Inc. Free jammin all day on Saturday with Canadaís The Northern Sons appearing from 7-9PM. Show price is $5.00 with Canadian at par. Sunday: 1-5PM featuring Echo Mountain Bluegrass and the Lonesome Road Ramblers. Sunday admission $8 with Canadian at par.

Info call: 315-658-2679 or 315-482-4005.

Special Bonnie Castle room rates: $45 per night/$60 with jacuzzi. Call 1-800-955-4511 for reservations.


2ND ANNUAL WATERTOWN GOES BLUE - BLUEGRASS THAT IS - October 4th & 5th at the Ramada Inn, Watertown, NY featuring: The Bristol Brothers, Stump Hollow and 3's Company. Info: 315-658-2679. Room reservations 1-800-228-2828


Thousand Island Bluegrass Preservation Society 13th Annual Bluegrass Festival, June 6, 7 & 8, 2003. Lafargeville, NY (Six miles to Stone Mills Festival Grounds). Featuring: Echo Mountain (Sat-Sun), Northern Sons (Sat-Sun), Bill and Maggie (Fri), Highwater (Fri), Andy Pawlenko (Fri-Sat & Sun), Three's Company (Sat-Sun), Bristol Brothers (Sat-Sun) and the Fritts Family (Sat-sun). Parking lot picking contest Fri. afternoon. Win a guitar (tickets will be sold all weekend). Gates open on Thursday. Advanced weekend: $25 US ($35 Canadian), at the Gate for weekend $30 US, Friday $5.00; Sat. $15; Sunday $12. Free rough camping with weekend ticket. Advance tickets: send SASE to Thousand Island Bluegrass Preservation Society, PO Box 175, Lafargeville, NY 13656. (315)658-2679 or 658-2353.


Ramblin' with Helen By Helen Weldon

Start putting your "unwanted treasures" aside to bring to the Apple Valley Bluegrass Festival Flea Market - July 31, August 1 &2, 2003. Questions? Call Sue Hayden at 315-673-1313.

As I sit here compiling my notes and thoughts for our monthly visit, it is wonderful to look out and see BRIGHT SUNSHINE, a BEAUTIFUL BLUE SKY, and best of all, NO SNOW!! I don't know about each of you but I'm ready for an early spring.

I received the following email from our president, Bob Hayden, too late to make the Feb. newsletter, so am putting it first this month. "Hi Helen - Hot news for the "Rambling": January 31st wedding bells rang at the Friday night jam at the American Legion in Marcellus, NY. Some 60 plus people were pleasantly surprised when it was announced a wedding ceremony would be taking place at 8:00PM.. The bride-to-be, Martha Snow would soon be the wife of John Crouch. The Honorable James Dwyer, local Justice of the Peace officiated. The matron of honor was Joy Crouch and the best man was John's brother, Ray Crouch. Everyone enjoyed the service, the refreshments and the wedding cake. Martha said John would be able to sleep over tonight." Our very best wishes to the happy couple and remember it takes two things to make a happy marriage - men and women. Thanks Bob for this happy news and a card of congratulations was sent to the new bride and groom.Peg Miller sent me a box of note cards via her husband Jerry, and thanks Peg. I can always put them to good use.

Also due a thank you is: Torkjell Sekse, Bob Sprague, Karl Paisley, Sue and Bob Hayden, Mary Bertram, Joe LaMay and Sherri Reese, Herbert Phillips, Fred and Arreta Brown, Martin Lovell and Maurice Lovell for their donation of money and for stamps to help the ever increasing postage expense. A special thanks to Dale and Marguerite Troup for their 5 year renewal of membership and most generous donation toward postage.

I was pleased to receive a membership from Elaine Eldridge, widow of our long time member Billie, who passed away in 2002. Welcome Elaine and hope 2003 will be a happier year for you.

Also Fred Brown and Bob Hayden changed their memberships to a family one, so welcome Arreta Brown and Sue Hayden.

Betty Jane Windhausen sent a gift membership for Margaret Curtis, so it's a pleasure to welcome her into our association. I think this is such a nice gift, so urge our members to think about doing it when you want to do something for someone but they have everything, you can think of to give.

Had an email telling me that Tom Russell took a fall and injured some ribs; so sent a "Thinking of you" card. I understand Tom found out the hard way that slipper bottoms are not meant for ice-covered steps.

For some time I've been trying to find out if Edna Rinker, widow of one of our past charter members was still living, and at our last meeting, Dick DeNeve told me she passed away about a year ago. I have many fond memories of Bill, Edna, Dick and I, along with our little dogs, spending evenings together at each other's homes, visiting and listening to music.

Had a nice email note from Jack Metzgar regarding his doing the Fiddler's newsletter via email. He sent me a copy but this computer illiterate can't download, so didnít get to enjoy it. If any of you are interested in this, contact Jack at - 5704 Lincoln Road, Ontario, NY 14519; 315-524-2194 or, son of our dear member Peter Hoysic sent me an email message saying that Pete is keeping busy in his greenhouse or playing his fiddle and hopes to make it to Cato soon. We hope you do, as Pete, you are missed.

I had hoped to be able to go to the All-Star Jamboree with John Wilmot, but when I emailed him regarding the possibility he replied that when he volunteered to play, a long time ago, he didn't know his daughter was getting married that week-end. Congratulations John on gaining a new son-in-law.

I heard through a long visit with Thayle on Sat. Feb 22nd, that Mary Carr was in the hospital, and have tried while writing this to find out how she is doing. Later found out that Mary had severe bronchitis and was in the hospital for a week - she is now home and recovering there. Please send your get well wishes to her at 2177 West Genesee Rd, Baldwinsville, NY 13027.

Olive Loucks was unable to go to the All-Star due to a bad cold, and know she was missed, not only by Vernon but by all present. We are thinking of you Olive.

As you all know when Loren Teachout renews for the Salmon River Boys band he always does so in some "clever" way. He sent a note saying he just couldn't think of anything this year, so instead sent a list of 43 country music performers in the form of his alternative wording of each. Since I'm "late" in getting my "Ramblin'" to Thayle, I'm not going to start using the list this month, but will be doing so for the next three months. I've asked Loren to send me the list of correct names and will try and give the answers the following month that the names appear. It would be interesting if some of you would send me comments on how you did with them; and know Loren would appreciate knowing his efforts were enjoyed. Thanks, Loren for your contribution to our newsletter.

Dick DeNeve, Bob Hayden and I finished the by-laws, my daughter typed them up and sent them to Dick and Bob for their final approval and hopefully this project can be finished up at our April or May meeting.

Since our last "visit" my twin sister was able to return home for a short period, but due to another fall, resulting in the breaking of 2 bones in her pelvis, she spent most of Feb. back in the hospital. I had a phone call from her saying she was home and going to "stay put" for awhile. Thanks to those who sent notes and calls regarding her - they were deeply appreciated.

In closing, if you happen to talk to Thayle, ask her how her "visitor" in their fireplace is doing.

See you in Cato on March 9th and until next time, remember -A fulfilled life is not possible without friends. How true!




Margaret Curtis - LaFayette, NY

John F Gallup - Auburn, NY

Elbert L Lawrence - Port Leyden, NY

Pat Parsnow - Sterling, NY

Robert Treat - Port Byron, NY

We are happy to have you as members of CNYBA.


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